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I think that’d be a pretty cool name for a folk/rock band.

crayola pencils/sketchbook,
border and logo done in pscs.


An old sketch from 2006 I colored for fun tonight.

I have so many old doodles I want to color, but they’re so old I feel guilty for doing it;___;

I should just color them anyway because it’s good for Photoshop practice.




I decided to make this my personal art blog, I’m going to use it for things like doodles, finished pieces and maybe even some WIP.

I’ll be back later to update and post some stuff.

  A line art project for my Illustration survey class. The premise for this project was to create 6 separate pure line art (black and white, no tonal) illustrations of various creatures that share a similar theme. My theme was ‘creatures of the ocean.’


DeepSeaJelly by ~speckledji

Colored version of:

Image (c) me (samb)

Done with pencil in my sketch book, tweaked in Photoshop.

Tonal-art project for my Illustration survey class from the fall semester (specifically last November).

The premise of this project was to create two corresponding illustration, each representing a  one of two words, only using tonal medium. My words were ‘introverted’, and ‘curiosity.’

For both of these I used ink washes, watercolor washes, graphite, as well as black and white colored pencils all on white illustration board. They have been edited in Photoshop to add more contrast, but they are far from perfect and are merely a stepping stone on this journey I call my college education. I still have a lot to learn(as I’m sure you can tell) and even though it kind of pains me to post these, I feel it is important for my development  as an artist.


Spinx’sLibrary by ~samraeduke

Scratch board project from the Illustration survey II: media  and techniques class I took last spring(2012)

For this project we had to make an Ex Libras book plate using only scratch board(something I’ve never done before, waOH).
For my personal library I imagined a sphinx, ever watchful, guarding all my books, surrounded by glowing gold fish for light. But because the project had to be able to print out as a 2.5x4in card, the details had to be very limited. someday I hope to re-visit this project as a MUCH bigger Illustration.

Line work done on scratch board, colors pscs.
Image belongs to me

TigerofRoses by ~speckledji

Tiger tattoo commission for

He commissioned me at the beginning of the semester, but I only got the chance to finish it about a week ago. I recently added the bg because, to me, it makes it look more complete.

Pencil sketch on tracing paper, re-painted in pscs5.

bg texture is from the wonderful

FancyFoxTeaParty by ~speckledji

  This was a zinc-plate etching I did for my intro to print making class last fall.

  The original was black and white tonal, but the scan I had of it was poor, so I colored it in Photoshop. When I go back to school in the fall I’ll re-scan it and post it so you can see more of the details. I originally wasn’t going to post this because I wasn’t really happy with it, but one of my friends insisted I post it. So here we are.

  Days and days in the printing lab at ECU(etching is a long process)+3hours to color in pscs5


WishYouWereHere by ~speckledji

I wanted to make a post card. Feel free to print out and use, but DO NOT sell for profit.

Pscs5, a couple of hours. Image belongs to me.